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From "Danny Angus" <danny.an...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release descriptions
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 09:56:46 GMT

We need to have a short term plan for defect fixing, a medium term
plan for enhancements and a long term plan for more radical changes.

We should be able to predict what the number of that release will be.
We do not require extended terminology to express these concepts.

We should talk about "the next major release" and "the major release
following the next major release"
We have problems deciding what should and shouldn't go into a
particular release, but this isn't solved by inventing names.

Please indicate by expressing your vote in the normal manner whether
you agree that in order to foster common understanding the following
terminology should be used in STATUS, VOTE, PROPOSAL  and discusions.

The version names, numbering, and meanings described below reflect our
need, they should be adopted as normative terminology by the PMC, and
no other names, numbering or meanings have any formal role in the
management of the James project or its sub-projects.

In this scheme:
    X - represents the major version number
            this increments when major
            or significant incompatible changes are introduced.

    Y - represents the minor version number
            This increments when new significant features or
            functionality is introduced.

    Z - represents the maintenance patch release increment
            Represents the sequence number of a release of defect fixes
            and minor enhancements to existing feature or functionality

Modifiers such as "a - alpha" or "rc - release candidate" should be
used to support the product lifecycle.

The following names and meanings and no others will be used formally
to describe our product versions:

    Stable: X.Y.Z
        the current recommended version for production use

    Next-Patch: X.Y.Z++
        current version of the next planned patch release of minor
        enhancements and defect fixes to the stable X.Y (this might
not actually exist yet)

    Next-Minor: X.Y++.0
        the current version of the next planned release of new features
        which are compatibile with the Major version (this might not
actually exist yet)

    Next-Major Z++.0.0
        the current version of the next planned release of major
        revisions and incompatible changes (this might not actually exist yet)


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