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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: James site hits show solid upward trend
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 10:59:32 GMT
Danny Angus ha scritto:
> http://people.apache.org/~vgritsenko/stats/projects/james.html#Monthly

Hi, I monitor statistics since I started working on the website and here 
I add my 2 cents:

1) the HITs and RESOURCEs increased a lot after the new site had been 
deployed as the new sites uses much more css than the previous.

2) the Page Views slightly increased because we published much more contect.

3) For a while we had many errors: I saw this in the stats and opened a 
JIRA issue to try to fix broken links. IIRC I fixed it few weeks later.

4) Number of downloads is *key*: Since 2.3.0 is out we had 300 downloads 
per day (they are access to the download.cgi page: we can't know how 
many real downloads are made as there are mirrors). The previous mean 
was 100 downloads per day since mid 2004. Previously we also had 200 
downloads per day.

5) On January, the 25th we had 2400 downloads: I didn't find the cause 
for this. Maybe we have been linked by someone. I dug the logs but I 
didn't find any interesting references but google searches.

6) This cannot be seen by that stats but I looked the logs once: jspf is 
the most accesses sub-product, then we have mime4j, jsieve and postage.

I also monitor this interesting page about mailing lists:

In the last year we lost many subscribers from server-dev: I hope this 
is because old subscribers unsubscribed because the activity increased a 
lot. I hope this does not mean the community has been reduced.

It is also good to see that mailet-api has now 27 subscribers: I hope 
this will increase as soon as we'll create an official product page for 
the Mailet API.


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