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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: GSoC james-mladmin questions
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 01:28:26 GMT

> James-mladmin is one of interesting topics.

I agree.  I wrote, years ago, an entire MLM plan for JAMES, but no one (me especially) has
had time to do anything with it.  I'd have to track it down, since I don't recall if it ever
made it to the JAMES mailing lists, but I'm sure that I still have it.

> James already have mailets which can handle subscription to mail lists 
> and (as i understood) it can moderation too.

We don't have moderation.  If I recall correctly, we have a mild form of confirmation.

> So can you give me some links where i can read about enhancements which you meant?

See my reply from a few minutes ago for some possible items.  I'll be happy to give as many
people as need it an idea for JAMES, especially in the MLM area.

	--- Noel

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