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From Stefano Bagnara <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Free DNS service required
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 11:43:02 GMT
hellian ha scritto:
> Hi thanks for your reply. I added my DNS in dnsserver tag of config.xml which
> is <server></server> and later I tested my DNS (
> and found SMTP blocked . Now I need a free DNS service that has SMTP enabled
> to test my mail server. Is it clear to you now..is there any such service?

Please use the user list.
james-user@ and not general@


> Stefano Bagnara-2 wrote:
>> hellian ha scritto:
>>> Hi I have successfully configured Apache Jmes Server but I can not send
>>> mail
>>> using my DNS because my ISP does not have MX record. Could someone tell
>>> me
>>> how can I get a free DNS service on the web with MX facility so that I
>>> can
>>> send mail using that DNS?
>>> Thanks 
>>> Rashed
>> Please use the user list for this questions, next time.
>> Either I don't understand your question or it seems you are confused 
>> about DNS/MX records and email in general.
>> To send mail you have to use any recursive DNS server. The one your 
>> provider assign to you when you connect to the internet are ok for this. 
>> "my ISP does not have MX record" is something I don't understand. Do 
>> they prune every MX record from DNS responses? I don't think so.
>> JAMES uses DNS server to decide where to deliver mail.
>> If you want to deliver a mail to @example.com then JAMES looks up the MX 
>> record for the example.com domain, (let's say  it is smtp.example.com) 
>> and then connect to smtp.example.com to send the message.
>> If you instead want to setup JAMES Server to receive mail then you need 
>> your own domain and you have to be able to add an MX record to that domain
>> Stefano

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