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From "Bob Johnson" <bob.john...@tumbleweed.com>
Subject Startup failure
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 22:34:43 GMT
Last week I successfully cfg'd & ran the 1.2.1rc2 distribution of JAMES.

I'm now trying (without success) to bring up the 1.2.2alpha codeset I
downloaded at the beginning of this week (in preparation for creating a new
mailet).  The BUILD.BAT created the JAMES jar.

Launching RUN.BAT results in only the following single line to the console:
	Avalon 3.1a1

No exceptions occur, and it just sits there.
Attempts to telnet to the admin port (4555) fail.

In an attempt to get more info/details about what's is (or is not) going on
here, I set AVALON_JVM_FLAGS=-verbose and get a few screenfuls of
"LOADED...." msgs, the end of which looks like:

[Loaded org.apache.avalon.util.Enum]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.util.ValuedEnum]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.State]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.AvalonState]

Avalon 3.1a1
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.AbstractDeployer]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.Composer]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.AbstractCamelotDeployer]
[Loaded org.apache.phoenix.engine.DefaultSarDeployer]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.DeploymentException]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.RegistryException]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.Registry]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.Info]
[Loaded org.apache.phoenix.engine.BlockEntry]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.Context]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.DefaultComponentManager]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.ComponentManagerException]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.ComponentNotFoundException]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.camelot.CamelotUtil]
[Loaded java.net.MalformedURLException from C:\jre1.3\lib\rt.jar]
[Loaded java.io.FilenameFilter from C:\jre1.3\lib\rt.jar]
[Loaded org.apache.avalon.util.io.ExtensionFileFilter]
[Loaded java.util.HashMap$2 from C:\jre1.3\lib\rt.jar]

And there it just sits!!  No exceptions, nothing!!
How do I get past this?

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