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From Joel Gluth <j...@ping.net>
Subject Re: [LONGISH] the thorny problem of MailetConfig.getInitParameterNames()
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 00:16:53 GMT
Federico Barbieri wrote:

> Yes I am pattern oriented and proud to be! :-)

Absolutely. Didn't mean that to sound like a bad thing :)

> The idea about Configuration is "you know what you're doing" so if you
> need a value you should know the name of the element containing that
> value. Makes sense doen't it?

Yes... if all you're doing is initalizing an application from the ground
up. When you want to unify configuration for disparate components, some
of whom aren't written to deal with Avalon, interoperability becomes
something of an issue.

> But don't worry there is an alternative.
<SNIP content="alternative"/>

Aha. Thanks. I'll modify my copy of JAMES accordingly. Although, it
doesn't really solve MailetConfig's basic problem.

Actually, this <param name="something" value="somethingelse"/> is
better, XML-wise, since you can actually describe the format of the
config.xml file with a DTD that way. If, of course, proper XML is a
concern :p

Even if it's not, enforcing it does allow JAMES to have a working

I know this is strictly an Avalon question now, but is there a reason
you're allowed to specify config parameters that way, other than the
fact that it's a neat DOM hack?

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