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From "Ram C" <ra...@mybc.com>
Subject JAMES Proposal.
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 07:59:54 GMT
I have a few questions on what is planned for JAMES...

1) Will 'town' still be used ?(or) is there any plans to use Turbine/Torque/Peer
for the OR mapping ? (or) any plans on going back to direct JDBC?

2) Any plans to implement a Auto Vacation Notification ?

3) Any plans to implement a custom e-mail blocking for each user ?

Though its possible to implement (2) and (3) with the current mailet/matcher
architecture, it may not be the best solution due to the dynamic nature
of these requirements.

I think both (2) and (3) should go along with the userrepository(seperate
??) and additions/updates should be controlled using a mailet.

For example, an user can send an e-mail to vacation-on@xyz.com with the
subject line set to the start and end dates. Similarly, sending a mail
to block-on@xyz.com with the subject line set to the sender's e-mail
to be blocked. The 'RecipientIs' matcher should trigger a mailet to update
this information in the users (new ??) repository.

Before a mail is delivered to the users inbox, this new repository should
be checked if the sender is blocked or if the vaction notification is

What do you guys think?


Ram C
ram_c@mybc.com - email

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