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From "Harmeet Bedi" <hb...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Multiple blocks and use of assembly.xml
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2001 19:28:00 GMT

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From: "Charles Benett" <charles@benett1.demon.co.uk>

> My main concern is that the code in the main james tree (ie under src)
> should always run.  I am all for improvements and new additions. But, if
> they impact core functionality, until they work out-of-the-box, they
> should be in the proposal dir.
> In this case, I made a whole set of changes to package names which
> didn't change the functionality of james. I then tried to execute james.
> When I attempted an smtp connection it through a ContextException
> because it didn't have a  HelloName. This was extremely annoying. The
> latest patches from harmeet have fixed that.

Fixed that but unfortunatly caused it too. :-(
It was a bad miss.

> However, now I have sent a mail to james for local delivery which is
> sitting in the spool repository. There's nothing obvious in the logs to
> explain why this isn't being handled. As this is the test for james I've
> been using for months, this is irritating.

But this argues for a strong regression test suite and as you point out
careful behaviour on the part of a developer. I think as more parts of James
stabilize, a regression suite would be invaluable.

> I want to be adding functionality to james not restoring stuff that
> worked a month ago.
> So, I guess my points are:
> 1) Any changes to the current source, under src dir, should be tested
> thoroughly. Ie a mail server set up and have mails sent to and from it
> using smtp and pop3.


> 2) Major changes which impact the core functionality of james (which I
> suggest should be the stable code: Ie smtp & pop3 with file based users
> and message storage.) should - as well as being discussed (which we did)
> - be placed in the proposal dir until they work properly.


> 3) Code that doesn't affect the core can go straight into the main tree.
> At the moment, I suggest, that includes the imap & nntp servers, ldap
> user storage and RDBMS user and mail storage.


> By the way, I think this is just re-phrasing the jakarta guidelines -
> see http://jakarta.apache.org/site/source.html
> Thoughts?

Will be more careful.
One valuable area contribution could be a strong regression test suite.
There are 2 tests in the testing area, but they may not be sufficient.
I think regression test suites and possibly merging the tests with build
process would be valuable. That way even if there is a bad change(I realize
this should not happen), everybody knows that upfront.
I can write test using JUnit and I believe JUnit has an Ant binding.

Does the test suite sound like a good idea ? How about JUnit vs. Testlet ?


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