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From "Harmeet Bedi" <hb...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [James specific] conf/james-assembly.xml and conf/james-config.xml
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 00:12:55 GMT
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From: "Peter Donald" <donaldp@apache.org>
Subject: Re: [James specific] conf/james-assembly.xml and
> I just updated from CVS and it seemed to run without a problem? Could you
> make sure that you updated all the CVS files.

Had updated the CVS from script. Did not check in the script. Maybe there
was a problem maybe not. I think Avalon should have fewer manual
interventions. Maybe the deployment descriptors would be fewer, maybe some
descriptors could be generated.

> As a side note I played around with NNTP and couldn't seem to get it
> working properly. I could post to groups and they got into group spool
> However when they were listed I got funny mail names and the mail wasn't
> read properly (it cam eback blank). There was no exceptions I noticed but
> will have a better look again a bit later on.

There were some problems after the first CVS checking but I thought I had
fixed it.
Here is how I am testing.
- Run the testing\NNTPClient against a known news group server and
newsgroup. It will create a directory with the group name and copy about 10
messages. This verifies that the external newsgroup works. Move the
directory under nntp groups. Start James and NNTP Server in it. Point the
nntp server to the host running James and same newsgroup. It will download
the articles again from the James based NNTP Server.
- Doing manual testing with Outlook Express. (this is my email client).

I just finished trying NNTP with and without SSL. It seemed to work ok.
- Is there a way I could reproduce the problem
- The nntpserver log would contain the list of commands recieved. Maybe
there is some command called that it not correctly implemented. The last
NNTP command in the log file could be a good debugging point.
- What NNTP client are you using.

> BTW it may also be advisable to place the /var/nntp/* hierarchy beneath
> /apps/james directory as I freaked when I ran it and it created
> in the real /var/ dir ;)

I have changed this so that the NNTP directories are created under the user
directory. using a different directory create mechaism than the destination
URL to directory mapping mechanism. Need to discover and converge to the
already used mechanism. Will do unless some fixes it before me.


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