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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [CVS status] Possible problem found.
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 12:38:10 GMT
At 01:05  1/5/01 +0100, Charles Benett wrote:
>2) Also, have started improving the logging but there is quite a bit to
>do. Basically, anything that needs to log should implement Loggable but
>anything that creates Loggable objects should extend AbstractLoggable
>and call setupLogger(object) or setupLogger(object, subcategory). We
>also need a way of pumping the protocol logging in connections.log (eg
>SMTP, POP3) back to the respective protocol logs. Having everything in
>connection.log will be a pain. Help would be handy here.


>3) I think it might be handy to add cvs author, date and version to
>files. This will record who last changed it and when (useful for other
>developers to keep track) and what its cvs version is (useful for people
>downloading source distributions - qv). Thoughts?

+1 to date and version .. indifferent to author - if you need author you
can get it from cvs directly so ... ;)

>4) Once we get cvs working again, I think we should start putting out
>'nightly' releases.  Don't have to be nightly, just more frequent.


though I may send off a mail to Sam who can automagically set up gump to
build nightly releases (like avalons nightly releases). We may need to fix
the build file though as IIRC it wasn't building dists properly ast time I



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