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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject RE: SMTP-newbie question
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 03:56:03 GMT
At 05:46  9/5/01 +0200, Deacon Marcus wrote:
>Thanks again, it's perfectly clear know, _but_:
>1. SMTP is supposed to allow more servers than just source and destination
>in delivery chain, is this behavior is deprecated now?

depends - in most small mail server scenarios yes - in other cases it is
still used. 

For instance you place a mail server outside a firewall and it receives all
mail from external world, it may then in turn forward onto servers inside
firewall. It may also receive mail from servers inside the firewall and
forward to the outside world. A lot of groups do this for security purposes.

Theres other reasons for having chains of mail servers, there may be one
server that performs auditing operations and another who does virus
elimination or it may be for reliability or to stop outgoing mail floods
when the network is reconnected to the world. However besides keepins
servers outside the firewall I haven't seen chains in operation except in
large corporation or in universities (and possibly other government bodies).

>2. How to configure allow-from-pop3-authenticated-hosts in James? Is it
>supported in current version?

It is not supported. To implement you would have to keep a cache of recent
users and then check in SMTP handler.

>3. If it's the common scenario, what are others used and what are pros and
>cons of each?

No idea - I always set it up to forward based on IP address. However this
of course won't work if you connect from multiple ISPs or networks around
the world - so not sure ;)



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