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From Charles Benett <char...@benett1.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: AW: Portability vs. db specific connections
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:40:36 GMT
Steve Crossan wrote:
> > Harmeet wrote:
> > >
> > > I thought at some point there was an idea to use OR Mapping technology from
> > > Turbine/Peers or some other OR tool. My impression was that investigation
> > > and using such a tool would help manage issues like db protability.
> >
> > Using Peers could still be done as an alternative to straight JDBC.
> > I had a go at doing that but ran into Turbine related issues. Probably
> > solvable by a turbine expert.
> >
> > While Peers and Torque have strengths (eg the sql create statements and
> > the OR objects are database specific creations from common xml
> > definitions), I'm not sure that James needs enough of their complexity
> > to justify it.
> > Charles
> Where it would be cool to have something like Peers behind James is in
> using James as a mail interface to a database application. For example, we
> use the intranet module from the ACS (www.arsdigita.com) extensively here
> for tracking projects & co-ordinating disparate workers. I've rigged up
> some mailets that, for example, allow you to log your hours, bugs,
> correspondence, new versions of design documents etc. etc. via mail. This
> whole area of mail interfaces to web applications is really powerful I
> think and mailets give a great framework for it. So far I've rigged this
> stuff up with straight JDBC but it would be great to have a better
> abstraction. Do you have any info about what problems you ran into?

I tried using library jars from either a recent release of the TDK or
turbine cvs but ran into compile problem, specifically:

class org.apache.turbine.util.TurbineConfig is an abstract class

which it isn't. This is on turbine-users mailing list. Someone suggested
a patch to TurbineConfig (which I didn't fancy) or using a different
servlet jar (which didn't make sense as I got both turbine and servlet
jar from same dist - but I haven't tried it).

If the Peers code was isolated from the webapp stuff, it would be much
more compelling.
I am using turbine for a little web-app project, but I'm not convinced
about its usefulness in James.
But, if you can get it to work for James, jump in!


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