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From "John S. Gage" <jg...@epo.som.sunysb.edu>
Subject Re: AW: Portability vs. db specific connections
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 19:28:53 GMT
I have ported SQL table definitions from Oracle Lite to JBuilder JDataStore 
(admittedly neither one open source).  If one sticks to the data types and 
SQL commands that are plain vanilla, you get cross-platform: one set of SQL 
statements.  Certainly, this should be possible.
John Gage

At 01:36 PM 6/8/01, you wrote:
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> >I strongly agree with last proposal,
> >Going into specific db's would be a surrender towards non
> >portability. From my point of view a big NO. Let's handle those db
> >specific create statements in SQL script's and stay focused on
> >programming a good inteface for the JDBC connection.
>OK ... on the one side we have the UsersJDBCRepository and on the
>other side the tables, columns, ... I think the interface between the
>two are the names of tables, columns, ... I propose to store this
>names into a conf file and create little scriptlets:
>build -mysql
>build -oracle
>to generate files which contains
>for specific databases.
>I think it is important to store the names of tables, colums, ...
>only once.
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