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From "John Antypas" <jo...@telamon.com>
Subject New issue wiht mailet and sendMail call
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 23:09:33 GMT
Getting a lot closer, but still not there...

My mailet is written, but not quite working.  Basically, it attempts to do
three things:

1. A user sends a message to a ficticious ID -- let's say MyMail@host.  The
user MyMail does not exist.  The mailet gets it anyway and routers it via
extenal interfaces to backend systems.
2. I collect the output and want to mail that BACK to the sending user
3. I then discard the message

I can get it to read the message, all but the body portion, at least.  I get
the message, process it, but when I attempt to create a reply as in
ServerTime.java, I get exceptions on sendMail.  It appears that the From of
the message contains garbage.

I tried making the message by just issuing calls like

MimeMessage mm = mail.getMessage.reply(false);

This works, but leaves the "From" field in a strange state.  Do I need a
real user before I get to a mailet?  Also, I attempt to get at the message
body, but I get nothing.

MimeMessage mm = mail.getMessage();
InputStream is = ..... mm.getContent()

Any ideas on this one?

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