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From Darrell DeBoer <li...@bigdaz.com>
Subject Re: DB code committed
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 22:40:01 GMT

Regarding using Avalon for handling db connections:

I was looking at this stuff last weekend, although I didn't get too far. My 
understanding of the nitty-gritty of Avalon is a bit limited, so forgive me 
if I'm off track.

I reckon using Avalon to manage Database connections would make sense, to get 
the built in pooling features if nothing else. My understanding is that we 
could use Excalibur JdbcDataSource for our connection management, but it 
seems that this would currently require configuring a datasource at each 
point where one is required (ie on a "per-repository" basis - User, Spool, 
Inbox, etc), even if they all use the same db. This could get pretty arduous, 
especially since we call every mailing list a separate "repository".

Possibly better would be to use the Cornerstone DataSourceSelector block to 
load JdbcDataSource components, so that all datasources could be configured 
in a single config section, and referred to by name elsewhere in the config 
file. Different Mail Repositories (spool, inbox, error, spam) could use the 
same or different datasource, and be configured to use the same table with an 
index column (as is currently), or separate tables.

This is the theory, now to the implementation. I've tried both of these 
approaches for the JdbcUsersRepository but ran into problems. I haven't spent 
a great deal of time tracking them down, but if anyone has any advice I'd 
appreciate it.

My main problem is that whenever I fiddle with the James config file (eg try 
to set a DataSourceSelector block) I get this (unhelpful) exception message 
on Phoenix startup: 

Phoenix 3.1a1-dev
There was an uncaught exception:
        <<no stack trace available>>

The final log file entry is:
Tue Jul 31 22:23:22 EST 2001 [INFO   ] <<Phoenix>> (main): Deploying Block 
file (/home/daz/jakarta/jakarta-james/dist/apps/james/blocks/james.bar) as 

I plan to have a better look, but if anyone knows what's going on, it would 
help me out. (I can replicate this problem by simply renaming the 
<pop3server> element to <pop3server1> and attempting to start James).

ciao and TIA

On Wed,  1 Aug 2001 14:10, Serge Knystautas wrote:
> Made the change tonight to let the JDBC repository store the message body
> in either the file system or in the database.  Also committed all my
> changes, so hopefully other people can take it and start testing it with
> other databases.
> The big thing that's still missing is connection pooling... maybe someone
> more familiar can take a crack at integrating it with excalibur.  Maybe as
> part of the upgrade to Avalon 4.0...
> I still have to tweak my AddFooter mailet... hopefully can add that later
> this week.
> Serge Knystautas
> Loki Technologies
> http://www.lokitech.com/
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