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From Darrell DeBoer <li...@bigdaz.com>
Subject Re: DB code committed
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 06:37:30 GMT
Thanks for the suggestions, Oki

I contributed the UsersJdbcRepository a couple of months back, but 
unfortunately I haven't had much more time to work on it since. The 
implemenation leaves a lot of room for improvements - hard-coded SQL, no 
connection pooling, etc.

So, your suggestions for changes are very welcome, especially from a 
useability standpoint. But remember, if you're in a hurry, the fastest way to 
get changes made is to submit code, patches, or even documentation; there is 
always way too much to do and way too little time...


On Thu,  2 Aug 2001 16:06, Oki DZ wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Serge Knystautas wrote:
> > I still have to tweak my AddFooter mailet... hopefully can add that later
> > this week.
> As if I hadn't asked to much.
> When you're done with the mailet...
> To have something like this in the config.xml for UsersJDBCRepository
> would be really neat. So that the repository would not be tied to the
> table and column names hardwired in the UsersJDBCRepository. Basically, it
> would be good to have one's can have the names suit his/her own liking.
>   <users-store>
>     <!-- MySQL server via mm mysql driver -->
>     <repository name="LocalUsers"
>       class="com.pindad.james.userrepository.UsersMySQLRepository">
>       <destination>
> 	<datasource>
>           <table name="Users2">
> 	    <columns>
> 	      <username>username</username>
> 	      <aliasname>aliasname</aliasname>
> 	      <forward-to>forwardto</forward-to>
> 	      <password>password</password>
> 	      <real-name>name</real-name>
> <!-- the following might not be needed
> 	      <unit-name>unit</unit-name>
> 	      <email-service>email</email-service>
> 	      <proxy-service>squid</proxy-service>
> -->
> 	    </columns>
> 	  </table>
> 	</datasource>
>       </destination>
> <!-- this one too
>       <db-pooler>
> 	<service>com.pindad.james.util.TurbineServices</service>
>       </db-pooler>
> -->
>     </repository>
>   </users-store>
> UsersJDBCRepository has been available for a long time, but when it was, I
> already had a production James with a users' table that conforms to
> UsersTownRepository. So, the switch wasn't quite an option. But then I
> wanted to know how James works, so I started small with reimplementing the
> UsersJDBCRepository. Some of the methods in UsersRepository are not yet
> implemented, but having the users' table needn't any change, the
> reimplementation was worthwhile, I think.
> There's something in UsersJDBCRepository that would make it better, I
> believe; useForwarding and useAlias could be removed. Having the values as
> nulls to represent no forward address and no alias name would be
> sufficient. And also, storing the algorithm used by the password cipher is
> a bit too much; I believe most of the admins would like to have all the
> password encrypted with the same algorithm for all the user passwords.
> BTW, aliases are for aliasing the usernames, right? So I think the column
> shouldn't be that wide. At most, it should be as wide as the username's.
> but then, how aliasing is supposed to be working? I tried to telnet to
> James at port 25, and typing "rcpt to: <username>" (without the braces),
> and it seemed not to be working.
> Oki
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