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From se...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-james/src/java/org/apache/james/transport/mailets AddFooter.java
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 03:45:40 GMT
serge       01/08/05 20:45:40

  Added:       src/java/org/apache/james/transport/mailets AddFooter.java
  Initial cut at a simple AddFooter mailet.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-james/src/java/org/apache/james/transport/mailets/AddFooter.java
  Index: AddFooter.java
   * Copyright (C) The Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.
   * This software is published under the terms of the Apache Software License
   * version 1.1, a copy of which has been included with this distribution in
   * the LICENSE file.
  package org.apache.james.transport.mailets;
  import java.io.*;
  import java.util.*;
  import javax.mail.*;
  import javax.mail.internet.*;
  import org.apache.james.*;
  import org.apache.james.transport.*;
  import org.apache.mailet.*;
   * This mailet will attach text to the end of the message (like a footer).  Right
   * now it only supports simple messages without multiple parts.
  public class AddFooter extends GenericMailet {
      //This is the plain text version of the footer we are going to add
      String text = "";
      public void init() throws MessagingException {
          text = getInitParameter("text");
       * Takes the message and attaches a footer message to it.  Right now, it only
       * supports simple messages.  Needs to have additions to make it support
       * messages with alternate content types or with attachments.
      public void service(Mail mail) throws MessagingException {
          try {
              MimeMessage message = mail.getMessage();
              //I want to modify the right message body
              String contentType = message.getContentType();
              if (contentType == null || contentType.startsWith("text/plain")) {
                  //This is a straight text message... just append the single part normally
                  String content = message.getContent().toString();
                  content += getFooterText();
              } else {
          } catch (IOException ioe) {
              throw new MessagingException("Could not read message", ioe);
       * This is exposed as a method for easy subclassing to provide alternate ways
       * to get the footer text.
      public String getFooterText() {
          return text;
      public String getMailetInfo() {
          return "AddFooter Mailet";

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