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From Charles Benett <char...@benett1.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: MailImpl (was: Re: cvs commit: jakarta-james/src/conf spool.properties)
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 08:33:45 GMT
Oki DZ wrote:
> On 3 Aug 2001 serge@apache.org wrote:
> >    listMessagesSQL=SELECT message_name, message_state, last_updated FROM
> > <table> WHERE repository_name = ? ORDER BY last_updated ASC
> In MailImpl class, the lastUpdated field is intialized with the current
> date:
>     private Date lastUpdated = new Date();
> In MySQL, when the message is stored, the content of the last_updated
> column will be just the date, without the current time (the time is set to
> zeros). I think it would be better if the store() method in
> JDBCMailRepository uses java.sql.Timestamp, so that when the message is
> stored, the time will be included. By doing so, the above SQL statement
> would be more useful. The current implementation would make the order of
> the messages to be not quite precise; the messages that are sent during
> the day would be regarded to have the same sort order. The exact order
> (the order of the messages retrieved) would be database implementation
> spesific I guess.
> Oki

Send a patch.
Ie change the class, test it, use cvs diff -u and email the diff output
in the body of an email to the list.

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