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From Charles Benett <char...@benett1.demon.co.uk>
Subject Next release?
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2001 10:54:41 GMT
Now we have JDBC spool repository working, what else do we need to do
for a release?

General things:

1) Remove noparsemimemessgage from proposal dir

2) Remove town stuff altogether

3) Upgrade to Avalon 4.0 (release) and Avalon-Excalibur 4.0 b4
(hopefully this will go final before we are ready to go final)

4) Upgrade Phoenix/ Cornerstone

5) Start putting out alphas and betas in run up to release

6) Draw up a full changelog. Key items include:
  - Add NNTP server
  - Provide JDBC Mail and Spool Repositories and remove town

7) Start on some user documentation :-)

8) Add RMI remote manager to proposal dir - has anyone else had a chance
to test this?

Thoughts/ further items? (I'm sure I have forgotten stuff)


Version -  As james has changed hugely since the last release and isn't
backwards compatible codewise (I think) I am strongly in favour of
calling it 2.0

Votes/ thoughts


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