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From Oki DZ <ok...@pindad.com>
Subject Re: Contributions (Was Re: cvs commit: jakarta-james/src/conf spool.properties)
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 02:24:33 GMT
On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Charles Benett wrote:
> If the code is contributed to james, ie the copyright is assigned to the

Yes, that's what I've been thinking.

> Apache Software Foundation, then I think it should go in the main source
> with an org.apache.james.* package.  

I see. 

>There is then a separate question
> of comiling sars with the particular set of classes someone wants. But
> the default distribution would probably have the whole lot.
> If the copyright is not assigned to the ASF, I'm not sure we can include
> it in the cvs repository. (We'd need to check, if that is what you are
> proposing.) If we can't include it in the repository, maybe we could
> have a webpage that lists james-compatible code and links to sites where
> they can be downloaded.

This would be too much trouble, I think
> Clearly, a straight contribution would be preferable.

Quite understandable.

> In general, I have no problem with james having alternative
> implementations, so long as there are good reasons for each one. 

One of my reasons was to provide proof of concept code. I don't think that
quickly implementing new ideas on the main branch is a good thing; eg: 
temporary storage on local filesystems for James which uses db
repositories. The feature might be good, but is it the right solution? 
Couldn't it be regarded as half cooked? Think about not just a temporary
file storage but also a cache that automatically retrieves all the rest of
the data once a user tries to fetch the mail via POP; meaning: when the
pop server sending out a message, it also retrieves the rest in the
background. If there were 10 messages left, then there would be 10
concurrent connections to the database. But then again, that scenario
would be good if the db server and James were in separate machines. If in
a single machine, that wouldn't be appropriate.

On the other hand, I have some unproven ideas that I'd like to be
implemented; ie: the use of a global cache that temporarily stored message
names in the spool repository, so that each invocation of accept() method
doesn't have to execute a query to the db server. Asking in this list
so that the feature can be implemented is the right thing to do. But if I
have time to implement it, that would make the implementation faster,
right? Problem is, the differences in the code is not only in
JDBCMail/SpoolRepository, but also in some other classes. Quickly
integrating it with James, even with the classes in the proposals
directory, is not quite acceptable. But of course, I'd like others to test
my code. 

> If you are happy to assign contribute the code to apache and people on
> the list who know more about dbs than me agree, we could include your
> stuff as well as Serge's.

I think I'm going to test my code and let it running for a while. Then I'm
going to rename the package names, create some diff files, and send it to

BTW, I'm not quite familiar with CVS; what is the exact command to have
the diff files? I have tried okidz@bdg:~/jakarta-james$cfs diff -u, but I
don't think that it's the right command. I have some new classes too. I
don't know how to take them into account. 


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