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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: dnsjava block
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 22:46:12 GMT

Simply I am just talking about moving the dns wrapper to cornerstone 
from james.  I'm keen for it not to fork... i.e. the James team see the 
move, and use it from cornerstone from then on.  That's what the vote is 
about - block to move or not to move from james CVS.

As a second issue a JNDI dns lookup mechanism was seen to be more 
desirable in the long run to the James team.  My suggestion was, if that 
was to happen, for it to honour the "Service" interface that the 
original dnsjava block did.

- Paul H

>I think I'm missing the goal of these suggestions...
>>>We could... I think the dnsjava has features as a complete DNS server if
>>>want.  This sounds like a potentially cool block for Avalon, but probably
>>>unrelated to James.
>>Could you folks have a vote then on this?  I propose it's move to
>>jakarta-avalon-cornerstone/apps/dnsserver/  (see ftpserver at same level).
>I don't know what authority the James project has to vote on this... someone
>has to write code to create a DNS server, and then whoever does that could
>decide what to do with that code.
>>>James is only using it for a DNS API to lookup MX
>>>records, and we might even remove the dnsjava dependency and go with the
>>>JNDI DNS implementation at some point.
>>Of course, the two would share the same service interface.  An assembler
>>could configure James to use either dns implementing block ....?
>Again I think I'm missing what your plans are.  If it's what I understand, I
>don't see the need to further abstract the code before a second
>implementation is written... it's really a pretty minor part of the system,
>and I don't see a need to support multiple implementations.
>Serge Knystautas
>Loki Technologies
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