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From Charles Benett <char...@benett1.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: IMAP and the database repository
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:32:53 GMT
John Yoost wrote:
> I am very interested in using James SMTP and IMAP and the Database
> repository.


> I realize that the IMAP implementation is pre-beta.  I have looked at the
> existing code (for IMAP) as well as RFC2060. with the idea of helping with
> the IMAP part of the project.


> With a quick once over, it looks to me as if the IMAP code does not support
> the use of a database repository (or the other way around, the Database
> repository does not support the IMAP requirement).  Speciffically I don't
> see any support for multiple folders in the database repository, only
> hard-coded support for folders under the OS file system.

I suspect that there are enough differences between IMAP and POP3 that
the existing database mail repositories are not a great place to start
for IMAP db storage.

> Am I off base here?
> Is this current limitation why IMAP development is at a stand-still?

No - I just haven't had any time recently.

> Please help me get my arms around where the IMAP development stands so I can
> try to help.

I would suggest getting first getting the IMAP + file storage up to
usable standard.
DB-ising should then be fairly straightforward.


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