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From "Harmeet" <harm...@kodemuse.com>
Subject Re: Upgrade to Avalon 4.0 in progress?
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 03:52:10 GMT
> 2. The DNSServer.java class doesn't compile anymore..
> org\apache\james\dnsserver\DNSServer.java:94: Incompatible type for
> constructor. Can't convert short to java.lang.String.
>         cache = new Cache (DClass.IN);
>                                  ^
> org\apache\james\dnsserver\DNSServer.java:152: Wrong number of arguments
> method.
>         SetResponse cached = cache.lookupRecords(name, type,
> dnsCredibility);
> Not sure who 'hbedi' is, but there is the notes that the change was
> short".  Can we get this fixed?

I don't understand the 'stopped short' part. Had attempted to upgrade the
DNS Java library in the morning. It looks like changes went half way
through. Maybe I made a mistake in using CVS calls or there was some network
issue. Not sure.
Anyway attempted again, and this time it seems to have gone through.

Build seems to be going through with older cornerstone.

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