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From Oki DZ <ok...@pindad.com>
Subject Re: IMAP and the database repository
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 02:28:36 GMT
On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, John Yoost wrote:

> I am very interested in using James SMTP and IMAP and the Database
> repository.
> I realize that the IMAP implementation is pre-beta.  I have looked at the
> existing code (for IMAP) as well as RFC2060. with the idea of helping with
> the IMAP part of the project.
> With a quick once over, it looks to me as if the IMAP code does not support
> the use of a database repository (or the other way around, the Database
> repository does not support the IMAP requirement).  Speciffically I don't
> see any support for multiple folders in the database repository, only
> hard-coded support for folders under the OS file system.
> Am I off base here?
> Is this current limitation why IMAP development is at a stand-still?
> Please help me get my arms around where the IMAP development stands so I can
> try to help.

Reading your comments 4 paragraphs above, it seems that you already know
where the problem is.

BTW, the database mail repository entries are keyed by the message name
and the folder name. If you need more than one folder for a user, you can
have different folder names. Currently, the folder names are already look
like "<username>inbox/"; I think you can have <username>inbox/folder<n>
for the inbox names.


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