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From Oki DZ <ok...@pindad.com>
Subject RE: Mailets
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 01:17:08 GMT
On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Danny Angus wrote:
> Is there a noticable performance hit from using regex in the mailets?

Well, my site serves no more than 200 email users, so I don't think I can
measure the performance hit. But I believe that the ORO matcher is pretty
fast. (FYI, the regex is not in the mailets, but in the matchers.)

> I know we avoided regex in a high demand situation some wee while ago
> because of the overhead, if this is the case here can I suggest we use the
> non-regex versions by default and specify FQN's for the regex version?

I think having o.a.j.transport.matchers.regex would be better; as
suggested by Serge. So that James can be configured using non-regex
matchers, but the regex ones can still be used by using their FQN's.


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