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From "Darrell DeBoer" <li...@bigdaz.com>
Subject Re: IMAP Server Revisited
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2001 05:11:27 GMT
Hi John,

> I have started to rewrite the IMAP server portion.
> I want to take a different approach than was taken in the past.

I think the IMAP server has been stagnant at "pre-alpha" (in CVS) for at
least the last 4 months or so - if you're willing to take on the challenge,
then any proposal will at least be considered. While not overly familiar
with the current IMAP implementation, there's a significant amount of work
in there already. I presume that there's a bunch of stuff that you'd be
looking to include in a new proposal, anyway. (Surely most of the hard work,
especially handling the IMAP wire protocol, has been done already. ;-)

Maybe detail a little more what you plan to rewrite, and what would be
reused. I'm about to come into a bit more hacking time, and I'd like to be
involved in this development. Charles was the author of most of the current
code-base, and I'm sure he'll have some ideas as well.

> I would like to include all the functionality up-to the point that I can
> using the existing generic repository (file or DB).
> When I get to the point of adding functionality that is not currently
> supported by the repository I will request (or add myself) this
> functionality to the repository code.

IMHO, reusing the MailRepository seems like a solid approach. Can you give
us an idea of how much of IMAP is possible using the current MailRepository
implementation, and what things you'd be looking to add?

Would it be possible, and maybe simpler, to adapt the current IMAP codebase
to use the current Mail Repository implementation. Can you point out
anything fundamental about the current implemenation that would prevent

At the same time, I'd love to get the IMAP-specific stuff out of the main
MailServer block, if possible. I don't really like the current
"useIMAPStorage" principle - I'd love to try to make that transparent to the
MailServer. Again, I'm not sure of the reasons that this was designed this
way, so maybe this is a pipe-dream.

I'll have a gander at the code in the next few days. Please let me know
where you are at, and a few more details about your proposed design.


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