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From Charles Benett <char...@benett1.demon.co.uk>
Subject IMAP server
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:57:23 GMT
My thoughts on the IMAP server are:

1) Move current code back to proposal dir. (imapserverA ??)
2) Don't include IMAP server in standard binary dist
3) Remove all IMAP tie-oins from src/cvs
4) John Yoost adds his stuff in another proposal dir (imapserverB ??)
5) As and when either imap version reaches RFC2060 full compliance, we
can then vote to move it to the main tree.
(Which will probably be John's as I am swamped for the next few months.)

Re: current imap code in cvs

ie when I last worked on the imap code, I could login from pine and
netscape clients. I think all the repository code worked as well.
The main issue was message parsing and some of the wire protocol. Hence
several commands have a YES in the telnet column of status but not in
the pine/ netscape columns.

if people can't login at the moment, that means the (extensive) changes
in Avalon since then have not been applied correctly. Which is quite



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