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From "Harmeet" <harm...@kodemuse.com>
Subject Re: SASL support
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 08:56:49 GMT
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From: <keith@rucus.ru.ac.za>
> Yup, these are the two I have modified. I also added another supporting
> that implements the actual SMTP SASL profile stuff. Attached are the diffs
> showing the changes to SMTPHandler.java and the new SaslProfile.java file.

I will add your code to the proposal area so that others can look it over
and have a chance to play around.  One idea is to have new code in proposal
area for stable modules and move it to the main branch after that.
I had a few questions/requests.
- Would it be possible to decouple cryptix.sasl from SMTP handler ?
- Would it be possible to boostrap hardcoded properties from config file
- Is there an API like JCE or some model like interface-provider model that
SMTP Handler could use with Cryptix configured as a provider ?

> I do have some questions though:
>  - Is there an something (document / mailing list message etc.) that
> how the logging works and how I go about configuring it? I'd like to use
> logging.

Avalon Framework is used for logging. The latest iteration support Avalon
native logging, as well as(I think) plugin facility for I believe Log4J and
JDK 1.4 Logging.
Avalon-Dev may be the best mailing list.

As a brief outline,
You can create a separate log category and set the log level via
This file gets packaged in the james.sar as conf/server.xml
One could derive from AbstractLogger and use <getLogger> to write log

>  - I somehow need to make use of the JAMES password databases, but I'm not
> sure how to go about this. The SRP mechanisms in particular have specific
> requirements, since they use verifiers and not passwords and have other
> password-related configuration information. Any ideas?

The Users repository abstraction is o.a.j.services.UsersRepository
The implementation is o.a.j.userrepository.UsersFileRepository. One easy
shortcut for testing would be to edit this file to suit SASL.

>  - It appears that all configuration information is in the .xml files and
> then read into a Configuration object that is passed to the configure
method of
> the class. Is this correct, and if so should I just add the SASL-related
> information to the smtpserver section in the james-config.xml file?


> It's not that easy to test this at the moment, since I had to make some
> (okay bug fixes ;-) to the SASL library while I was implementing. These
> are only in the CVS version on SourceForge. The (Java) test client I'm
using is
> also there. I'll post detailed instructions once we've made a new release
of the
> library and I've got the details sorted out. So far, SRP and PLAIN work
> for authentication, but without a security layer.

I will try to get the latest Cryptix code from SourceForge and play with it.
Others could look at it too. Can I use SASL with some email clients. I use
Outlook Express, but can try with other clients. Are there some email
clients you could recommend for testing ?


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