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From Steve Short <Steve.Sh...@PostX.com>
Subject Updates to James
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 18:50:39 GMT
Hi folks,

we have made some minor changes to James and I was wondering if it would be
useful to pass these back to main project.  Here is a summary:

Added mailet shutdown.  Changed JamesSpoolManager, LinearProcessor and
  Self explanatory.

Prevent tight loop in RemoteDelivery on unexpected exceptions, remove
message from outgoing queue.
  This was a consequence of James.bounce() getting a NullPointerException
when there were no from
  addresses.  See thread 'Problem with Retries and Bounces' in James dev
mailing list for more info. After
  the exception, the RemoteDelivery run() method was getting the same
message from the next call to 
  accept() and repeating...

Prevent ConcurrentModificationException in AvalonMailRepository by cloning
key sey before returning iterator.
  This has since been fixed in the James sources by simply catching and
ignoring the exception.  I think it is
  better to prevent the exception occurring in the first place.  Also, the
published fix has only been implemented
  in the accept() method, but the accept(long delay) was missed.

Added the dispose method to SMTPServer.java and RemoteManager.java for NT
socket release issue.
  Running inside JBoss we have the ability to stop and restart James.  On NT
the restart failed frequently
  because the sockets were not being released.

Changed JamesSpoolManager to throw instead of system.exit for bad init
  Running inside JBoss (or just plain Phoenix), it is not good for James to
take out the entire platform
  what it fails.


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