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From "Danny Angus" <da...@thought.co.uk>
Subject RE: LocalUsers inconsistancy?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 13:21:24 GMT

> Am I correct in assuming that:
> - James distinguishes between usernames (part before the '@' in the mail)
>   and accounts (physical things that receive mail)
> - James first tries to find out if the username is correct (case
>   insensitive), then tries to find the account for the username
> - James then calls 'getUser()' with this account (this part IS
>   CASE-SENSITIVE) to get an object that is used for storage etc.

According to RFC822 the username part of an email address is case sensitive,
James originally complied with this throughout, however since many user
commented that a case insensitive handling of username would be useful james
will now optionally check usernames insensitively.

This may not have been changed in all the relevant places, if you see
consistent unexpected behaviour let us know how to reproduce it.

> Furthermore, I wonder why ALL receipients (yes, I've disabled relaying for
> even localhost) are allowed during the 'RCPT TO:'. There is no call to my
> self-made UserStore, meaning that all mail is instantly accepted and only
> checked during a later stage. This means that in the case of SPAM, all
> mail is directly accepted and stored, bounce messages are generated, and a
> lot of overhead with it.

You can configure the spam processor to discard mail marked as spam, or
undeliverable without generating bounces or other traffic.
James as it currently stands is a spam blackhole, it won't relay but neither
will it reveal whether users exist or not.
> It could just be my unfamiliarity with the SMTP protocol and RFC's (maybe
> bouncing during RCPT stage is not even allowed), but it would be nice if
> it can be implemented.

There have been some discussions about this, a number of people have asked
for it, but no progress so far, it seems that many of us are unexpectedly
busier than usual at the moment.

So.. yes you've spotted two areas of James that deviate from normal
practice, how badly do they affect what you are trying to do?


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