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From "Serge Knystautas" <ser...@lokitech.com>
Subject Re: SPAM handling.
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 15:00:16 GMT

While I like the idea of XML headers, that seems to imply changing or
dropping the MIME spec.  Or were you referring to the handful of protocol
commands (I don't really see that as headers)?

Serge Knystautas
Loki Technologies - Unstoppable Websites
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From: "Paul Hammant" <Paul_Hammant@yahoo.com>
To: "James Developers List" <james-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 4:34 AM
Subject: Re: SPAM handling.

> Danny,
> I appreciate there are blocks that can be put up using the current
> protocols, but my contention is that blocks are the wrong solution.  See
> http://news.com.com/2100-1023-850761.html.
> What we need is some solution (that possibly changes the SMTP protocol)
> that does not upset whole countries and closes the spoofing loopholes.
>  We will still be spammed, but the originators will be easier to find.
> I still think that we should migrate to a new, say, SMTP2 solution that
> closes all the loopholes (upgrades to XML headers at the same time).  At
> some point in the future mail administrators choose to turn off support
> to old SMTP and any mail servers trying to forward mail for them find
> they just cannot connect.  I.e. we are shooting the messanger in this
> case (with bullet that takes two years to percolate through the system).
> My point is there smart enough brains in this list who can design
> son-of-SMTP and propose it to the IETF.
> - Paul

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