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From Alexander Zhukov <alexzhu...@ukrpost.net>
Subject imapserver ldapuserstore multiple domains
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2002 14:53:29 GMT
Hi all!

I'd like to add imap support back to the James.

I cvsed the code looked it thru and saw that james lacks the features i 
need in the following "modules":
1. imap
2. ldapuserstore
3. support for multiple domains

A question:
Does james support multiple domains?
i tried to create user@domain1.com and user@domain2.com but mail is 
delievered to one and the same folder - so i conclude james has 
_partial_ multi-domain support or did i miss something?

Few things i did:

I have rewritten from scratch the UsersLDAPRepository.java to add some 
multidomain support, i also hacked a bit the James.java. One more thing 
- i added the imap support to the James.java (from proposals/).
mime encoder in DigestUtil.digestString doesnt pad the encoded string 
that's why when you add the user to ldaprepository you cant bind to ldap 
with that user - i made (rather ugly) work around on this bug(?).

You can download the modifications from http://may.priocom.com:8080/james/

some comments:
i dont use the config right know all the settings are compiled in :( i'm 
going to fix it ASAP

i guess util.Base64 is better because it _tries_ to pad the output 
however it adds "A" instead of "=" at the end of encoded string :(

wont work out of the box because i'm working on imap support

Alexander Zhukov

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