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From "David Smiley" <dsmi...@mitre.org>
Subject Newsgroup integration, and other questions
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 17:39:57 GMT
[this was sent to james-user and is now being posted here per the suggestion
of Serge]

How well is the NNTP support integrated with the rest of the Matcher/Mailet
processing architecture?  I'm hoping I can gateway James newsgroups and
mailing lists together.  Is there any docs on what happens with a NNTP
message is received?

Also, shouldn't the articleIDDomainSuffix be different per James server
rather than being the fixed value in the initial configuration
(news.james.apache.org) ?  I.E. I think this should be changed to the local
machine name.  I'm not a NNTP guru, so I could be wrong on this.

Another few unrelated questions/comments:
1: What's so wrong about sending out single innocent DHCP UDP packet to
query the DNS server on startup?  Is that really so bad?
2: James detects that my machine's name is "dsmiley" but it doesn't also
realize that "dsmiley.mitre.org" is also my machine's name.  Is it possible
that the RecipientIsLocal matcher could do the DNS lookup of the machine
name if it appears that the DNS name might resolve to the local James?  Or
maybe the initial detection could be smarter to know at that time.
3: The "Handling mail for" info log messages in James.log confused me at
first.  I think they ought to be worded
differently to clarify that these are machine names, not user names.
4: Where is the NotifySender mailet documented?  I looked for it here:
http://jakarta.apache.org/james/configuration_v2_0.html but didn't find it.
Ultimately, I am just curious to make sure that it will try to detect that
messages between two mail servers won't bounce back and forth forever if
there is a configuration problem.

~ David Smiley

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