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From Serge Knystautas <ser...@lokitech.com>
Subject Re: Phoenix upgraded.
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 01:30:56 GMT
Oh, and Paul, thank you very much for your help getting James current!!
Serge Knystautas
Loki Technologies - Unstoppable Websites

Paul Hammant wrote:
> Folks,
> It is upgraded and tested (up to a point ... I configured a news client 
> and posted some messages).
> What has happened ....
> 1) We've upgraded Phoenix to latest from CVS.  It is quite stable now 
> and will be released soon.  Phoenix is in a dir called 'phoenix-bin'  It 
> is the same as created by the 'dist-lite' target of Phoenix itself. Thus 
> it will be easy to keep upgraded in future.  This is the same design as 
> I use for Enterprise Object Broker, that I'm sure non of you have looked 
> at. Sigh.... ;-)
> 2) Libs/ has been trimmed.  All as a consequence of (1).  Many jars are 
> deilvered in a standard phoenix distribution, so it is best to keep them 
> in site (and add to classpath for compilation).  The side effect of this 
> is that the newbie can look at them and see what James is directly using 
> that is not delivered by Avalon (and its subcomps).
> 3) The build file has been changed to reflect the new locations of 
> things.  There is a new target called 'install' that shoves the sar into 
> phoenix-bin/apps/ .  If you go into phoenix-bin/bin/ and run.bat|sh then 
> Phoenix will launch and load James.  There is also a 'dist2' target that 
> makes distributables.  I have not overwritten 'dist' as there is much in 
> there I did not want to wipe out.  You guys will have to look at things 
> yourselves.  You'll also note there is a SAR taskdef.
> Notes -
> a) Only two (the new ones) targets have descriptions in build.xml
> b)  There is a way of generating xinfo files now.  Peter has made a 
> xdoclet type thing.
> c)  If there are no methods in a service, then there is no need to have 
> an interface now.  Refactor rules say that one should not create marker 
> interfaces, if there are no methods.
> d) You now have compatibility with other features of modern Avalon. 
> AltRMI (seriously - check this out, or its cornerstone adapter). 
> Managability of services (see management-access-point in cornerstone 
> source. 
> e) We are also switching to Serviceable from Composable.  We debated it 
> long and hard and felt in was necessary to kill the Component (empty) 
> interface.  We differed about implementation, and compromised on a 
> migration route that did not render previously compiled jars incompatible.
> f) HypersonicSQL has a block wrapper.  You could include a database in 
> the sar file now.
> g) SimpleStore (jakarta-commons) is being Phoenix enabled.  It could 
> replace 'store' and makes abstractions for storage types itself.
> h) There is a webserver called Jo! that is SAR compatible,  If you want 
> a web app management suite, then you can have that in the JAR too.
> I await the bug reports, hoping there are none and that I can be trimed 
> from the committer list...  Keep up the good work folks ..... death to 
> spammers!
> Regards,
> - Paul H

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