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From Darrell DeBoer <darr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Mailet API] Logging Proposal
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 22:31:41 GMT
On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 07:18, Paul Hammant wrote:
> Darrell,
> Well put.  Not sure whether you're in favour of mymidon or not.

Being an active developer on Myrmidon, I should hope so. Or maybe I'm just 
spending my time inserting secret trojans, to sabotage it from within... ;-)


> On the issue of subset, I'm going to move on to A-F's Initializable
> interface instead of the current init() (as per previous emails of mine).
> - ph
> >On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:38, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> >>Now you just need to convince people with voting rights.  ;-)
> >>
> >>	--- Noel
> >
> >Ummm, I'd be one of those I guess, although I'd be extremely reluctant to
> > use it, since I've been off in Myrmidon (Ant2 proposal) for some time.
> >
> >I read this thread with interest, and I have a few comments.
> >
> >* I pretty much agree with Danny and Serge that the Mailet API itself
> >shouldn't have any direct dependencies on the Avalon Framework, if
> > possible.
> >
> >* Any Mailet written solely against the Mailet API will function perfectly
> > in James, the Reference implementation of a Mailet container.
> >
> >* This doesn't mean that a particular Mailet shouldn't be able to use
> > Avalon Framework interfaces, in a container that supports those
> > interfaces. eg LogEnabled: I think that LogEnabled provides a clean,
> > implementation neutral way of getting a Logger from the Mailet container,
> > but some mailets may choose other ways. However, in using LogEnabled the
> > Mailet author is saying: "this mailet can be used in any container which
> > supports both the Mailet API and the Avalon LogEnabled contract".
> >
> >* I believe that James should provide support for a relevant subset of
> > Avalon contracts, maybe just LogEnabled, or any others that seem very
> > useful. This would be value-added behaviour of James the Mailet
> > container, providing additional services (beyond the Mailet API) to any
> > hosted Mailets.
> >
> >* If a Mailet writer wants their *LogEnabled* Mailet to work in a
> >non-avalonized container, they would need to ensure that they provide a
> >default Logger themselves in the case that "enableLogging(Logger logger)"
> >isn't called.
> >
> >* The big question is whether the core James mailets use LogEnabled. I say
> >"why not?". After all, these are just mailet implementations, and not part
> > of the MailetAPI itself. Maybe we can provide an adapter which can be
> > used to run LogEnabled Mailets in non-avalonized containers, but I
> > wouldn't be surprised if *all* Mailet containers end up supporting
> > LogEnabled directly.
> >
> >I guess the main point is that we can have the Mailet API completely
> >independent of Avalon-Framework, yet still *support* Avalon-Framework
> >contracts in James, the Mailet Container. This keeps the Mailet API clean,
> >and hopefully future-resistant, while allowing us to reuse some of the
> >concepts and strategies which have proven so useful in Avalon.

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