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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Mailet API v2
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:13:51 GMT

>Ok anything then, I stuck on ajp because my use cases are wholly concerned
>with integrating tomcat webapps with james and vv.
A quick clarification question if I may, bespoke sevlet in WAR needs to 
interoperate with James maillets/core ?  Or arbiatry maillets (or mail 
posting facade) need to be re-published as a home grown XML web-services 
API ? ( I need context to understand ).

>The point is that i think there needs to be *some* protocol that will allow
>james to be used in an integrated way with other applications using
>configuration only, so that it can become a mail gateway without the need to
>write special mailets for each special case.
I Agree.  

Humour me for a second - Is the API in MailServer.java a good one, if it 
were available for external use?  Yes I think it is.  It provides a 
conceptual entry point for internally generated mails yet-to-be subject 
to mailet processing.

Second question - Is a hypotehical maillet API (the one now or a proposd 
V2 one) a good thing for external use?  Yes, I guess it is again.  

The point is that you could publish those over a number of transport 
schemes to remote applications.  These could be Java or non-Java 
depending on the publication blocks/tools available today.

>I dont suggest that this be in the mailet API, although I did mention it in
>the same mail (because I believe that its part of the same endgame of making
>james more attractive to architects/developers), just that james embraces
>the concept of running as a tool for other applications.
As per promise of Phoenix, of via various tranports the promise for 
outside-th-phoenix-vm apps.

>And a server daemon which processes richer requests than SMTP or POP seems
>to me to be a requirement.
Agree.  Conjour up your purest API ( and leave publication to other 
blocks ) .... is my recommendation.

- Paul

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