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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Avalon terms - important please read
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 21:07:40 GMT
There is some confusion about Apache's Avalon project...

1) Avalon-Framework is a set of interfaces that an /arbitary/ container 
can use for hosted components.
2) Avalon-Phoenix is container that hosts fairly much any bizarre vision 
of a server written in Java.  Web servers, EJB servers, and Mail servers 
are good examples of such things.
3) Avalon-Excalibur is a very general set of helper classes for app 
development. Not exclusively server apps.
4) Avalon-Cornerstone is a set of Phoenix ready comps that do thing that 
servers are likely to need.  
5) Avalon-Logkit is an optional API for logging that fits the IoC 
pattern.  Itis quite well hidden by the LogEnabled Avalon-Framework 

Where we in JAMES are going wrong with terms/ideas....

1) Avalon is nothing other than a project
2) Avalon-Framework is *not* tied to phoenix. Any container can use its 
amazingly logical interfaces for hosted components. JAMES is one such 
container.  Maillets are a good definition of hosted components.
3) If maillets implement Avalon-Framework they will not be touched by 
the Avalon-Phoenix container.

Can we :   Stop using the term Avalon as if it were a product *please*.

By the way the Avalon-Framework interfaces are so logical they have been 
both silently and with acknowledgement borrowed by other Apache projects 
and others outside Apache.  They are also being analysed by the JSR 111 
committee from the community process.

- Paul

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