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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Mailet API was RE: Finer Logging Control for Mailets/Matchers
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2002 20:56:59 GMT

>> I did not mention clone(), and I'll reassert that it is pointless to 
>> consider instantiation issues for a heavy TCP/IP using tool.
> You've now twice made the point that this is a heavy TCP/IP tool as a 
> reason to not worry about performance related issues.  While it's true 
> that for a single mail message, network speeds will be the larger 
> determinant of its delivery time, it is wrong to think that such a 
> server doesn't have to take performance issues into account. 

I did not say _does not have to_ , I said for worrying about immutable 
objects in an API.

>>> However, it is a bit
>>> of a moot point, since the mail object is largely a carrier for
>>> javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, which is not immutable (more on 
>>> this in a
>>> moment).
>> Perhaps you should consider a clean MimeMessage interface for your 
>> maillet API.
> I'm sorry, but I consider this is absolutely out of the question.  
> Years have gone into that standard and implementation, thousands of 
> people know it, and there have been no compeling arguments to use a 
> different API.

Fine but you are already dubsetting the javax.mail api...

> Also, it's MAILET, not maillet.  Sorry, just my version of your 
> "Avalon" pet-peeve.

I'll learn this first time.

- Paul

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