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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [Mailet API] Logging Proposal
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 04:37:07 GMT

>>I cannot imagine *any* container written in Java that does not have the
>>capability to do instanceof.
>You miss understand.  I do not mean that a container is somehow unable to
>have the capability.  I simply mean that containers cannot naively assume
>that the Mailet interface is the only interface implemented by the object.
Yup. I can only imagine a max of say five containers for MAILET for the 
first five years.  It will be easy to ensure compatability.  Especially 
if the JAMES project publishes some 'unit test' MAILETs.

>They must go through the introspection process not only for possible
>"platform-specific" functionality, but also for optional
>platform-independent functionality, such as logging.  This is nice way to
>add fine grained composition to Java, but it is not a common paradigm SO
We'll see.  May other significant teams/projects have done the same but 
with a knock-off of Avalon Framework interfaces, without 
acknowledgement.  With a smal refactoring that for the large part is 
hidden from their user base, they could be Phoenix compatible quite 

>>>From some but not all quarters.
>Not from all, but some of them are key.  

>In any case, the purpose for the
>discussion is to look over and discussion the options.

>>>If these patterns were embedded in javax.frameworks.*, I doubt
>>>that we'd be having this part of the discussion.
>>JSR 111?   [Aalon's Framework] is shortlisted as a candidate.
>Seems like the best choice I've seen so far.  It is interesting to
>contemplate how other Java interfaces might be different if javax.service
>had been in place first.
>Actually, I would argue that even if Avalon Framework is not accepted, it is
>a safe bet to use Avalon's programming approach.  Because whatever is
>adopted, post-JSR 111 Phoenix should be able to support both A-F and JSR 111
Phoenix just being one container.

- Paul

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