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From "Danny Angus" <da...@apache.org>
Subject RE: [Mailet API] Logging Proposal
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:49:22 GMT

> However, you cannot discard the Avalon programming model AND leave
> functionality out of the API.  Doing THAT forces non-standardization.

Right two points,
1/ if everything was standardised where would the space for innovation be?
2/ if certain functionality will not affect the implementation or
portability why would anyone want to control it.

> for each functional area, you have three choices:
>  (a) Adopt the Avalon programming model,

Non standard (by your own reckoning)

>  (b) Support the functional area in the API,
>  or (c) accept that the functionality will be non-standard, non-portable,
> platform-specific.

No, accept that the functionality can be application dependant. Not by the
mailte container, but by the mailets themselves.

> A Servlet container that does not support ServletConfig and ServletContext
> is not a compliant container.  Perhaps you are unfamilar with
> ServletContext.log()?  Logging is part of the Servlet API.  It
> isn't always
> sufficient, which is why other schemes have been developed, but it is
> present.

Doh Thats *exactly* the model that I'm proposing for mailet. That we leave
logging to *Other people* servlet proves that this approach doesn't break

> Then we (a) have a simple logging mechanism, (b) have platform specific
> servlets that need better logging, and (c) have to ask ourselves why we
> didn't adopt a better way after seeing the issues already brought out by
> people writing servlets.  Or we skip ahead and actually HAVE a better way.

So we leave mailet logging and other peripheral services to the developers
of a Mailet framework, which can be based on avalon, provide armfulls of
additional services and promote the rapid development and deployment of
sophisticated Mailet applications.

> > Perhaps there are three projects in one.
> > 1) The Mailet API (equivalent to Servlet).
> > 2) The reference server implementation (equivalent to Tomcat).

Actually there's no perhaps about it, there are three aspects to the James
project, 1/ the mailet API 2/ James 3/ the mailets bundled with James.


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