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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Mailet API v2
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 13:35:10 GMT
I believe that ajp is inappropriate, given that it is geared for HTTP
interactions.  I accept that "there needs to be *some* protocol that will
allow james to be used in an integrated way with other applications [so]
that it can become a mail gateway without the need to write special mailets
for each special case" but I don't see the problem.  Applications can use
any mail client classes, and James is interchangable with any mail server
supporting IMAP, SMTP, LMTP, etc.

> a server [that] processes richer requests than SMTP or POP seems
> to me to be a requirement.

It seems that you are thinking of using James as something other than a mail
gateway.  Can you elaborate on what you're trying to do?  From your comment
about needing to write special mailets, it sounds as if you want the
applications to be able to have special processing performed on the mail.
If so, why NOT a mailet?  The issue would seem that if an application needed
some special handling, then we'd want an API to dynamically configure James.
This would tie in with some of your other comments regarding a mailet

Seems to me that a "container" has a port, a protocol, and a server
(processor) -- I am using these terms at a level of abstraction.  The
current config file should probably change a bit because it seems to me that
the processors are associated with the SpoolManager, whose connection with
the SMTP "container" does not seem explicit.  I'd find it more intuitive to
see mailets associated with the SMTP server, newslets with an NNTP server,
etc.  Were this the case, then I could see how a new container could be
instantiated (and what that would mean), or a change made to an existing
container (e.g., add a new mailet to the root processor to pickup messages
from an application, and add a new processor to handle those messages).

	--- Noel

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