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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Mailet API v2
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 19:42:55 GMT

> SMTP, whether with helper libs or not, is not a first class Java API.

> You missing a central point of what I propose - have a first class API

Define a message delivery API, do it in SOAP, make it language neutral, and
submit it as an RFC.  THEN you'll have something.  A SOAP interface to
replace SMTP and other message delivery protocols makes sense, but the model
should not be tightly tied to any language or implementation.  My objection
is to an ad hoc protocol entwined with a particular architecture, rather
than abstract concepts of message delivery.

> constructing something around SMTP, then forgetting easier
> (from the programmers point of view) ways of poking it.

I've never thought of SMTP as a difficult protocol.  But then again, I've
been known to send e-mail via telnet.  SMTP can have a perfectly simple
object interface: set content, set recipients, send the message.  It is not
an interactive interface, but that's not its purpose.

> What we are talking about here is direct to JAMES/maillets API, yes?

That became clear later, and I maintain that THAT is a bad idea.  Having to
take into account that any given matcher or mailet could be remote (and
perforce unreliable) is going to really complicate spool processing, and I
honestly see no point to it when I can send the message via SMTP or LMTP
from one mail server to another, just as we do with almost every other mail
server on the planet.

> For you information, there are loads of people using AltRMI and SOAP for

I am well aware of SOAP and other RMI mechanisms (I'm one of those sick
people who browses http://www.xmethods.net to see what's new).  As I said,
I'm in favor of a SOAP interface that is based upon the problem domain, not
the solution domain.

	--- Noel

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