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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: [Mailet API] Logging Proposal
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 00:07:17 GMT
> >The question is: will Mailet be Avalon dependant or not?
> Correction: Will the MAILET compatible container recognize optional
> Avalon-Framework interfaces or not?

Either way, it must be possible to author a Mailet that implements
LogEnabled, and have it able to load within the container.  That does impose
certain requirements, e.g., the LogEnabled interface must be in classpath.

Perhaps it would help if you gave an overview of what it takes to write a
container that supports the specific IoC/SoC approach favored by Avalon's
designers.  Danny wants to ensure that a Mailet SDK can run on other
platforms.  Understanding the requirements for an Avalon-Framework
compatible mailet container would go a long way for everyone concerned.

Consider that the current mailet container is not compatible in that regard,
so this would lead to an exercise in implementing that change.

> So much FUD has been said about some misunderstood project called
> 'Avalon' which was perfectly good for years of this project, that
> it is now esablished as a must-avoid without ever being investigated
> by those running from it.

No, wait.  That is unfair to the people working on James and working on
Avalon.  The perception appears to be that Avalon means a platform, and
Danny is concerned about platform-independence.  In his discussion, he has
said he wants a minimum number of package dependencies. His list of
acceptable packages was org.apache.mailet, java.* and javax.mail.*. You are
arguing that org.apache.avalon.framework.* should be on the list, and
represents platform-independent interfaces that are well-designed, ought to
be, and in fact are being, adopted on multiple server platforms.

This is why I suggested that you provide the aforementioned overview, and
illustrate why using the Avalon Frameworks should not be avoided.

	--- Noel

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