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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: [Mailet API] Logging Proposal
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 20:49:31 GMT
> I would greatly appreciate if you suspect me to have a basic understandig
> what you folks were talking about.

Other than the fact that you had missed the context, which you do
acknowledge, where did you get the impression that I did not?

> The Mailet API consists of a couple of interfaces and classes which nobody
> wants to change (at least not extend).

True IFF we specify the services that shall be available via the mailet
container, e.g., by pushing through the Avalon Framework's programming
model, or by pulling through the MailetContext.

> You are saying adding the rule that a container has to interpret a couple
> interfaces is a "semantic" change of the API?

I simply mean that common service interfaces necessary for mailets need to
be provided, whether by extending the API (-1) or specifying a mechanism for
binding (+1).  Either way, the interfaces need to be available if we are to
have portable mailets.

> And concerning version incompatibility I would always prefer the compiler
> to do the compatibility check. Those well proven Avalon Framwork
> interfaces (I appreciate the beauty of them) are great when you were
> using them from the start.

Which we have the opportunity to do.  IF everyone agrees.  So far that is
not the case, hence the discussion on options.

> As you are concerned about portable Mailets even more than Danny is

Not really.  At present I have no intent on doing Mailets outside of James.
But when I wanted to affect a change to add desired functionality, the
response was that we address it in terms of redesigning the Mailet API.

> Or something like: If it is spreading at all, Mailets should be portable?

That is more representative of my view.  Right now they are in a sort of
nether world where they often require Avalon Framework interfaces to work,
but we are being asked to avoid exposing more Avalon Framework to mailets
until the Mailet API is redesigned.

	--- Noel

	--- Noel

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