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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tetsuya.kitah...@nifty.ne.jp>
Subject Docs Translation (Re: Inactivity)
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2002 11:00:02 GMT

Hi, Danny and james-dev members,

I am a new blood of james-dev ML, living in Japan.

As I mentioned at james-users ML @ 7/5,
I am doing the translation of Jakarta Project into Japanese
(http://www.terra-intl.com/jakarta/) and I've finished the 
translation of JAMES web-site as of today.
# http://www.terra-intl.com/jakarta/james/
I think [Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server] is not well-known
project in Japan, so I'll be appreciated if the link to the 
translation page will appear on the top page of JAMES.
# I am not sure how I can make the changes on project.xml .....

I hope this will revitalise james project to a great extent.

Of course I will catch up with the new documentations
(or modified ones) coming after.

Best Regards,



> Everyone,
> Just a few words regarding inactivity.
> If no-one is participating on the users list, or the dev list, if the
> commiters are commited elsewhere, and happy that James is good enough for
> their own uses then the project will be quiet.
> Apache projects move forward because people tend to get fed up asking for
> fixes, and submit them themselves.
> If you want to start contributing to James, to revitalise the project, then
> do just that contribute. We have a TODO in xdocs todo.xml, and there's 14
> open bugs in bugzilla, and the documentation needs work. Alternatively make
> something new and offer it up. We're always happy to receive contributions
> of any kind.
> d.

Tetsuya Kitahata <kitahata@bb.mbn.or.jp>

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