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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: James under Merlin
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 06:02:12 GMT

Paul Hammant wrote:

> Stephen,
>> I've been playing around with James under Merlin.
>> During the process I came accross a runtime problem:
>>  1. The class AvalonUsersStore is referenced as a Component
>>     somewhere or other but doesn't implement the Component
>>     interface
> Err should be able to fix that one. 

It rather easy!

>>  2. After starting James inside Merlin, then sending an email
>>     to an arbitary name on the server James is running on,
>>     I get NPE - which is where I figure I may need some help
>>     from you guys ...
> This is where we wich we could unit test each comp. 

Something to keep in mind is that I'm using the CVS version of 
cornerstone components.  I had to do a number of updates to cornerstone 

  (a) addition of the Component interface to soem of the blocks
      becuase they are used in James - so adding Component is
      basically a backward compatibility thing

  (b) addition of some meta-info into a couple of the blocks so
      that Merlin can automatically build the services without
      having Phoenix around

Apart from the above, the only differences are that I'm using a few more 
excalibur jar files that are not included in the James lib (because they 
are included in Phoenix and not in Merlin) and naturally, this bypasses 
all of the Phoenix config, assembly, and server files.

> A guy at BP has written a generic AbstractPhoenixTestCase (where 
> Phoenix is mocked).  I'll get him to write it up and someone might do 
> the same thing inside Phoenix CVS or maybe Merlin CVS ? :-)

I'll put in place a Merlin projects directory containing the James 
content and update the CVS.

> Failing that we'll have to do good old fashioned debugging.  Question 
> do you use IntelliJ ?  Have you got interactive debuging working with 
> Phoenix? 

No on both points!
In the meantime I'll start tracking it down.

Cheers, Steve.

> - Paul
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Stephen J. McConnell

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