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From Vincent Keunen <vincent.keu...@manex.be>
Subject Re: Next question.. (was: Should we remove ant? )
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:02:37 GMT
Ok, so to summarize, we were discussing about choosing between maven and 
forrest, and now you are telling us that centiped is also nice to look 
at...  So you're making our choice harder!   ;-)

Nicola, how does Centipede positions itself in regard to maven and forrest?

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Forrest does only documentation, and we will make a Forrest plugin to 
> Maven available as soon as we finish the current discussion on 
> finalizing the DTD.
> So Maven and Forrest will work together, but this will not 
> (fortunately) stop Maven developers to maintain their Velocity based 
> site creation system.
> As for the build system, I find Maven slow and alpha.
> Slow it is (remember to check beta5, notb4), and is based on a yet2be 
> released jakarta commons sandbox called Jelly, and Werkz, not Apache.
> Some Turbine folks also had reservations on using Maven current beta 
> for the next release.
> I have a similar project based on Ant, that works with the Gump 
> descriptors, called Centipede, on www.krysalis.org.
> It integrates a forrest plugin, and has many more plugins.
> It also downloads dependencies and is very easy to extend, since it 
> uses Ant 1.5.
> We had plugins (called cents) long before Maven, and our system is 
> used on Jakarta POI jakarta.apache.org/poi and Forrest itself.
> Currently we are in the process of making dependency-based compilation 
> work OOTB with the Gump descriptor, more on that soon :-)

!try; do()
Vincent Keunen, Ir, http://vincent.keunen.net
Manex, rue Wagner 93, BE-4100 Boncelles, Belgium
Our site: http://www.manex.be

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