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From David Jenkins <david_jenk...@mdcreate.com>
Subject Re: Outgoing mail problem
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2002 17:37:05 GMT
I moved this over from the Users List.

Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>>That should be added as another tip in the FAQ if that isn't already in
>>route. 8)
> Care to write it up and submit it?  ;-)
Sure.  I've added it and have it attached, but for future reference what 
diff command options do I use? (I'm still reacclimating to *nix - 
forgive me, the lure of Window$ sucked the memories from me 8)

> Hop on over to the developer list anytime.
I subscribed to both User and Dev at the same time 8)

>>As far as the namespace problem: what is preventing us from having
>>people send the entire email address as the user if they want to?
I should have specified for POP3.

> I don't know that this is really the right list to get into the subject.
> What I do in the JDBCVirtualUserTable code is implement mapping from [user,
> domain] -> target, with wildcard support.  I don't support "ERROR:" type
> targets, yet.
>>this would be handy in the instances like postmaster, webmaster, admin,
> I handle that with a wildcard domain.

As long as it works with all configuration storage methods I'm fine with 

>>Users [are] allowed to create prefixes or suffixes of [their] userid
> Do admins really want to permit users to create arbitrary (sub)-accounts?
> If so, this will be an interesting discussion when it comes to accounting
> and quotas.
These really only become aliases.  Quotas don't change, and since the 
primary userid always has to be in the name and a connecting character 
(like "." or "_") the name couldn't be mistaken for someone elses id.
Not sure what type of accounting you mean (like in the case where a 
person is charged by email address quantity?)

>>What about users being able to associate incoming email addresses with
>>the address it was sent to and then if there isn't a match return an
>>"unknown user" error?
> I don't follow.
> 	--- Noel
I'm still reading up on the process, but, in effect, what I want to 
accomplish is the following scenario:
For email address 1234.MyUser@Mydomain only users at *@somebiz.com
can send to me, otherwise the mail server returns a User Unknown
message of some type.

If you only compete with yourself,
     you can always be a winner. - David Jenkins
Of course, you could always be a loser too. - Miles Thornton

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