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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject Handler timeout/trigger issues
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 17:25:03 GMT
> BTW. More than a year back there were problems with Avalon
> PeriodicTimeTrigger. It was apparently fixed. Here was an
> alternate implementation submitted.

James uses DefaultTimeScheduler, as you can see from the assembly.xml file:


The problems reported by Shilpa Dalmia are current, and were discussed on
both this list and the Avalon list just a couple of months ago.

As for your scheduler, I checked the nighly build for Cornerstone.  Your
code has never been adopted into the build.  I spoke with Paul Hammant
today, who said that he'll take a look at it.

However, it does not appear to me that your code resolves the issue raised
by Shilpa.  You do remove the task from your task map, but
TimerTask.cancel() simply marks the task as cancelled.  There is still an
accummulation of TimerTask objects in the Timer's queue, which is the issue
being raised in the first place.

FWIW, you have a minor bug in your exception handling.
TimeSchedulerImpl.removeTrigger(String) is supposed to throw an exception,
but that code is only present in TimeSchedulerImpl.removeTrigger(String).  I
believe that this would be correct:

    private Task remove( String name )
        throws NoSuchElementException
        Task task = (Task)taskMap.remove(name);
        if ( task == null )
            throw new NoSuchElementException(name);
        return task;

    public void removeTrigger( String name )
        throws NoSuchElementException

    public void resetTrigger( String name )
        throws NoSuchElementException
        Task task = remove(name);

> How does [timeout handling] relate to CommandMap. They
> seem to be 2 topics, what is the association.

With my implementation of the CommandMap, you invoke a command through the
map.  One of the methods for invoking a command supports a timeout.  That
was the association.  Even if we don't use the CommandMap, my approach for a
lightweight watchdog is probably something to adopt.

	--- Noel

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