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From "Peter M. Goldstein" <peter_m_goldst...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-james build.bat
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 08:39:10 GMT


> Conclusion
> ----------
> Given the nature of the investigation, I'm claiming that the build
> changed them.  I'm using
> Ant 1.5 (which could conceivably be the problem), but I think it is
> likely that build.xml is
> at fault.

With all due respect, this is obviously not a correct conclusion.  It is
clearly erroneous for the following reasons:

i) The committers who do frequent James commits (including myself) do
not see this behavior.  Neither do the active contributors.  That goes
for people working on Windows (like myself) and UNIX (like others).
Line endings are adjusted properly by the build, not altered
willy-nilly.  I have made literally hundreds of commits over the past
two months and rebuild the code daily - haven't seen this supposed
problem once.  I've been using Ant 1.5 all day - ever since the Phoenix
upgrade broke the older Ant compatibility - and haven't seen any such

ii) The build.xml file very explicitly does change the line endings.
The Ant tag fixcrlf is used within the build file.  It adjusts all Java
source files to an LF ending, while the build.sh and build.bat files are
adjusted to CRLF endings.  That's exactly the line ending that is stored
in CVS.

As I'm not really interested in spending time debugging this problem,
I'm simply going to ask you to preview your future commits and refrain
from committing any files that are not actually an appropriate part of
the commit (i.e. don't commit build.bat if you didn't alter build.bat).
In general, please refrain from altering build.bat, build.sh, or
src/java files unless necessary and, if you do, please diff the files
before committing to ensure that the line endings haven't been altered.


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